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Software Service

EOMasters does not only offer ready-made software for SNAP, but also custom software which is tailored to your needs. Maybe you would like to have a training course for SNAP?
Feel free to
contact me and together we find a solution.


What Do you need?

Access data

In the EO domain exist several divers data formats and SNAP does not support them all. If you need to work with a special data format I can develop the appropriate reader for you.

Process data

If you have invented and developed an algorithm and now you want to make it available in SNAP or you need a certain algorithm in your processing chain, I can implement a GPF operator for you.

Inspection tools

Do you need a tool for inspecting data, maybe special kind of visualisation? SNAP is a great application platform for such tools and I can develop this tool according to your requirements.

Training course

Do you want to get a SNAP training course or provide one to your clients? Perhaps you would like to develop for SNAP yourself. A training course can give you a kick-start.

Something else 

Do you have something else in mind? Great, let's talk about it and I'm sure we can find a solution.


During my tenur at Brockmann Consult I've developed a variety of software applications in the Earth observation domain. From data readers to processing systems and desktop applications most of the time for SNAP or its predecessor BEAM. Since I co-developed the programme for 18 years and led the development team for many years, I can implement SNAP extensions fast and effectively.

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