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Newsletter Archive

Newsletter #0017

11 February 2024

EOMasters News

  • Map for Coastal Areas

EO and RS News

  • OpenET: NASA Data to Help Water Mangers and Farmers

  • TanDEM-X Satellites Reveal Volcanic Eruptions in Iceland

  • An In-Depth Look at the Copernicus Health Thematic Hub

  • ERS-2 Coming Down

Software, Tools and Services

  • SNAP Announces Their New Online Help

Beyond EO

  • Can Submerging Seaweed Cool the Climate?

Newsletter #0016

28 January 2024

EO and RS News

  • Sentinel-3 Hydro-Cryo Validation Report is Available

  • NovaSAR-1 Announcement of Opportunity: ESA encourages S-band applications

  • An in-depth look at the Copernicus Energy Thematic Hub

  • Sentinels and AI reveal 75% of fishing vessels not tracked

Software, Tools and Services

  • GeoTools 30.2 Released

Beyond EO

  • Can Submerging Seaweed Cool the Climate?

Newsletter #0015

14 January 2024

EO and RS News

  • CryoSat Data Products Delayed

  • GEOSAT Collaborates with ESA to Boost Understanding of the Planet

  • Copernicus Thematic Hubs in the Limelight

  • Recent Landsat 8 Acquisitions Need to be Reprocessed

  • Virtual Event – How Satellites Monitor Atmospheric Methane

Software, Tools and Services

  • Esri ArcGis News

Beyond EO

  • Why Keeping a Streak Boosts Your Motivation

Newsletter #0014

31 December 2023

This newsletter is distinct from the others. The end of the year is approaching, and it is time to reflect and forecast what lies ahead.

Newsletter #0013

17 December 2023

EO and RS News

  • Sentinel-2 with Copernicus 30m DEM

  • EUMETSAT - Supporting Marine Earth Observation Applications Course

  • First Global Maps of Surface Minerals in Arid Regions

Software, Tools and Services

  • Planetary Variables in Sentinel Hub

  • State of GeoTools

  • Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem - Updated Roadmap

Beyond EO

  • Transparent Wood - Alternative for glass and plastic

Newsletter #0012

3 December 2023

EOMasters News

  • Thoughts of a Dev - Is it worth it?

EO and RS News

  • Earth Observation Data Visualisation Good Practice Guide

  • Upcoming ESA Highlights 2024

  • MIGARS 2024 - Machine Intelligence for GeoAnalytics and Remote Sensing

Software, Tools and Services

  • Open Layers, GDAL and QGIS Updates

  • Free Greenhouse Gas Tracker

Beyond EO

  • Candy Crush Is Complicated

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