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Newsletter Archive

Newsletter #0023

5 May 2024

EOMasters News

  • EOMTB and DAVALIEN Are Out Now

Newsletter #0022

21 April 2024

EOMasters News

  • EOMasters Plugins Are about to Be Released

EO and RS News

  • Access ESA Campaign Data

  • Four new Ideas to expand Earth Explorer Missions Selected

  • Save the Date! Destination Earth Goes Live

Software, Tools and Services

  • SNAP 10 Released

  • Planet Insights Platform Started

Beyond EO

  • Preferred Background Noise When Working at Home

Newsletter #0021

7 April 2024

EOMasters News

  • Processing of Coastal Map completed

EO and RS News

  • Introducing HEDAVI Discover

  • ESA is developing an AI bot like ChatGPT for Earth observation data

Beyond EO

  • Two of world's first desktop computers found during house clearance

Newsletter #0020

24 March 2024

EO and RS News

  • ESA Provides Sample Data for Third Party Missions

  • Indian Meteorological Satellite, INSAT-3DS, has Begun its Mission

  • Keeping Heritage Mission Data Accessible is Crucial

  • Landsat NeXt Fact Sheet Available

Software, Tools and Services

  • NVIDIA Announces Earth-2 for Climate Modelling

Beyond EO

  • Good News for the Environment

Newsletter #0019

10 March 2024

EOMasters News

  • The Line - A Look at the Mega Project

EO and RS News

  • FDR4ALT - Innovative Data Records from Old Instruments

  • Swarm: 10 Success Stories in 10 Years

  • An In-Depth Look at the Copernicus Arctic Hub

  • Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem Wants Your Feedback

Software, Tools and Services

  • HYPERNETS MDB from Sentinel data for the validation of satellite water products

Beyond EO

  • Extracting Gold from E-Waste, with Cheese

Newsletter #0018

25 February 2024

EOMasters News

  • Beta-Phase Started for EOMTBX

EO and RS News

  • ESA’s New Scout Missions: NanoMagSat and Tango

  • Copernicus Browser gets Several Updates

Software, Tools and Services

  • Create Large Datacubes With ZAPPEND

Beyond EO

  • Evolution is Predictable

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