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Newsletter #0012

3 December 2023

EOMasters News

  • Thoughts of a Dev - Is it worth it?

EO and RS News

  • Earth Observation Data Visualisation Good Practice Guide

  • Upcoming ESA Highlights 2024

  • MIGARS 2024 - Machine Intelligence for GeoAnalytics and Remote Sensing

Software, Tools and Services

  • Open Layers, GDAL and QGIS Updates

  • Free Greenhouse Gas Tracker

Beyond EO

  • Candy Crush Is Complicated

Newsletter #0011

19 November 2023

EOMasters News

  • Custom EO Software for You

EO and RS News

  • Copernicus Thematic Hubs Launched

  • ESA and the EC Jointly Promote the use of EO Data to Combat Climate Change

  • First EO Summit

  • First Commercial CO2 Sensor in Orbit

  • ESA adds PlanetScope to its Archive

Software, Tools and Services

  • Point Density Visualisation in QGIS and R

Beyond EO

  • Improve Your Life by Knowing What Type of Bird you are

Newsletter #0010

5 November 2023

EOMasters News

  • Data Validation with DAVALIEN

  • Big Website Updated

EO and RS News

  • Sentinel-5P Reprocessing Campaign

  • ESA and JAXA Care for Earth

Beyond EO

  • Don't Find the Right Emoji? Mix Your Own!

Newsletter #0009

22 October 2023

EOMasters News

  • Social Media - New Directions

EO and RS News

  • ESA and OSGeo Forming Partnership

  • Canada to fund RADARSAT+ for the Next 15 Years

  • Version 3 of SMOS L3 Soil Freeze and Thaw product Soon Available

  • Germany gets a Spaceport

Software, Tools and Services

  • New Version of the Copernicus Marine Services

  • The State of GeoServer

Beyond EO

  • Are you a Real GIS Nerd? You Probably Need These!

Newsletter #0008

8 October 2023

EOMasters News

  • Apply for Early Access Phase of the EOMasters Toolbox

EO and RS News

  • Addressing Publication Overload in Environmental Science

  • Nomination for the Jerlov Medal is Open

  • FRM4SM Phase 1 completed and Phase to started

Beyond EO

  • This Years Nobel Prize Winners

Newsletter #0007

24 September 2023

EOMasters News

  • Earth Observation Data DB

EO and RS News

  • Sentinel-3 Land Altimetry Thematic Products go Operational

  • 50-years of Landsat - The Collection 2 Archive

  • New Indicators Provided by the CERTO Data Portal

  • GIS Day – November 15, 2023

Beyond EO

  • Why you can Always eat the Dessert

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