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EOMasters Toolbox Free

The EOMasters Toolbox (Free) is a collection of various tools which help to ease the daily work and to save valuable time while working with ESA's SNAP.



Band Maths Extensions

These extensions provide new functionalities for the Band Maths expressions, like window processing and checking pixels for validity. For example: wnd(B3, 5, "median")

Loop GPT

The Loop GPT avoids starting and stopping of the GPT engine and Java VM between GPT commands by looping over the GPT calls. This can speed up your processing and facilitates batch processing of multiple products.

Wavelength Editor

The Wavelength Editor allows users to change the wavelength properties of bands within the dialogue. Changes can be applied to compatible products.

Quick Menu

Provides quick access to the most often used menu actions. The Quick Menu can boost your daily work with SNAP. No need to fumble through the menu tree anymore.

Source Code & Feedback

The EOMasters Toolbox is open source and can be found on GitHub.

If you find issues or have suggestions for improvements and extensions, please use the issue tracker on GitHub or post on the EOMasters forum.

You can install the EOMTBX via SNAP's Plugin Manager.

SNAP is available at the ESA STEP website.

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