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​DAVALIEN - the DAta VALIdation ENvironment project provides an environment for validating EO data. You can define tests by specifying the SNAP GPT command line call and the expected product content. In the end you will get two report files, one JSON and one HTML file.



DAVALIEN - the DAta VALIdation ENvironment projects provides an environment for validating EO data. It is intended for quality assurance of EO data and data processing software. 

There are three major use cases you can use the project for.

  1. You can use it to define the expected output of your processing software and when you have reached the goal the environemnt will tell you.

  2. If you have already developed a processing software, you can use DAVALIEN to ensure that when you refactor the code base or improve processing speed, you do not inadvertently change the result.

  3. You can ensure that third-party software does not change unnoticed through updates.


If you want to try Davalien first you can use the small environement prepared for SNAP. It runs and tests a few processors.

You can download the environment, unpack the zip archive and install also the DAVALIEN plugin in SNAP. Now you can execute the environement from the command line and it will generate two report files, JSON and HTML. For details, please check the Getting Started Guide.

Open Source

The DAVALIEN project is open source and developed under the GPL v3 licence and can be found on GitHub.


If you find issues or have suggestions for improvements and extensions, please use the issue tracker on GitHub or post on the EOMasters forum.

You can install DAVALIEN via SNAP's Plugin Manager.

SNAP is available at the ESA STEP website.

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