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In this blog I will express my personal opinions, ideas and thoughts on topics related to Earth observation, remote sensing and space science in general. I will talk about current news and developments, and there may be more that is not yet known, even to me.

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Hello EO-Masters!

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

I’m Marco. Thanks for finding the way to this blog.

Black & white photo of Marco Peters
That's me, Marco Peters

As this is the first in a long series of blog articles, I will start introducing myself. Don’t be afraid, I’ll not bore you with the whole story of my life. Just enough to let you know who is talking to you.

Some of you might know me already. I’ve worked more than 18 years for Brockmann Consult (BC) before. There I’ve worked, besides several other projects on SNAP and the S3 Toolbox. At last I was leading the development of SNAP and the Toolboxes.

You might have seen me at several conferences where I’ve presented SNAP. I’ve been also active in the STEP forum helping SNAP users with issues they encounter. After more than 18 years, I decided to embark on new adventures. And this is starting now.

EOMaster Logo - A male and femal superhero in front of simplified Earth.

So, what can you expect in the future. I will provide a place where the EO-Community can meet, exchange their wisdom, and help each other. Hence the name. It is a place for the masters of the Earth observation, but also for those who want to become one.

I will also share my knowledge with you. I will explain in tutorials how to use SNAP and to develop software for and with SNAP. In addition, I will offer Software modules for SNAP. They will make the work with SNAP easier and will save you valuable time (Tell your boss 😀). The focus will broaden over time and not only SNAP will be supported. The details will be revealed soon.

Does that sound good to you?

While there will be a lot of stuff offered for free to you, I cannot provide everything at no cost. Somehow, I need to pay my expenses (a little bread and butter). I will keep the prices fair. Fair for you and fair for me. That's promised. If you are interested in custom software, please contact me. We will find a solution.

Now, that you have read so far, you might be interested to know who this man is who is planning this venture. I give you some of the boring facts about me.

I was born in 1978 in Germany (Hamburg) and I’m still living close to this beautiful city. After I graduated from a commercial high school, I studied technical computer science at the HAW Hamburg. And in the year 2004 I started to work at Brockmann Consult. What do I do in my spare time. I like to go out into the nature and take pictures, I also like video games and reading books. Sometimes I also like to do jigsaws, especially in wintertime. You are asking for my favourite movie? This is hard to answer there are so many good movies out there. I’m a fan of Star Wars (before Episode 7), but I also like Start Trek (yes, this is possible 😊). Now I stop telling you boring things about me.

I hope I could arouse your interest in the things that will be published here in the future. If you want to be further informed about the next steps, you can subscribe to the newsletter, follow EOMasters on Twitter, Mastodon or Facebook or become a fan on Medium.



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