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In this blog I will express my personal opinions, ideas and thoughts on topics related to Earth observation, remote sensing and space science in general. I will talk about current news and developments, and there may be more that is not yet known, even to me.

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Where to get EO Remote Sensing Data?

Updated: Mar 21

Are you looking sometimes for EO remote sensing data, and you don’t know where to get it and sometimes you don’t even know what kind of data is available? At least that's how I find myself from time to time.

On EOMasters there is now an extensive database of satellite data and their distributors. It is far from complete, but the database already lists thirty-eight different instruments from more than fifteen sources. It indicates if the data is freely available or if you need to pay for the data or if you can apply for the access.

You can help to improve the database and share your knowledge with other EO-Masters. If you know another Instrument and another source, you can submit the information and it will be considered for the next database update.

Simply provide information about the sensor, the platform, and the data source in the provided form.

You can access the database on the EO Data DB page. The data can be filtered by the different sensor types and if the sensor is still active.

If you have further ideas regarding the database or if you find mistakes in the data, please use the contact form to let me know.

Wouldn't it be great if we could create an awesome source together for all EO-Masters.

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